Oxygen meter drop conversion to PPM Review:

O2 detector reports in percent (%).

Oxygen represents approximately 1/5 of the air. The other 4/5 is primarily composed of Nitrogen (N2).

When a oxygen sensor is indicating a drop in oxygen content, it is reflecting only 1/5 of the actual drop in the atmosphere. Therefore, we must multiply the drop on the oxygen display times 5 to get an actual drop.

Our goal is to take an oxygen sensor reading, and convert it to actual drop in PPM, this gives us the ability to have PID and oxygen in PPM.

The formula is:

20.9% minus (-) the meter reading % times (x) 5 = actual drop in % x 10,000 = PPM drop

Summary: drop % x 5 x 10,000 = PPM

Example: Oxygen meter reads 20.5%, a 0.4% drop, x 5 = 2.0% x 10,000 = 20,000 PPM drop